The Jury will decide:
- in single round competition results by number of points
- in two round competition qualification to second round by number of points
- by adding points from both rounds overall results of the competitors
The Jury will decide the overall results according to the final scores and will award
A. Solo Play
All participants will receive diploma for participation.
The main prize - material prize, performance with State Chamber Orchestra Žilina
I. prize: material prize, possibility to perform at the concert with the orchestra in the year 2016, jury will nominate
II. prize: material prize
III. prize: material prize
IV. and other places: diploma with position
The prize for the competitor from Slovakia with the maximum of points
The prize of Art AIR Center - performance at International festival „Kubínska hudobná jeseň 2016“
The prize Schola Arvenzis - free of charge participation at the international master classes Schola Arvenzis
The prize for the Best Teacher
The prize for the Best Accompanist
The prize for performance of work by Slovak composer
The prize for performance of work by the 20th and 21st century composer
B. Chamber play
The main prize  – performance at International festival „Kubínska hudobná jeseň 2015“
The prize for the best Slovak ensemble
The prize of  Mikuláš Zmeškal for the best bow string quartet
The Jury may decide not to award certain prizes or award others.



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